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panoramabild gemeinde fischernbach und gemeinde mühlenbach

Councillors from Fischerbach and Mühlenbach say “yes” to Nectanet

Councillors from Fischerbach and Mühlenbach say “yes” to Nectanet

At their respective meetings, the municipal councils of Fischerbach and Mühlenbach unanimously voted in favor of continuing the collaboration with Nectanet (formerly WRO).

Dominik Fehringer, Managing Director of Nectanet (formerly WRO), explained the tasks of the network at the municipal council meeting on Monday evening in Fischerbach and on Wednesday evening. The reason for this was a public contract (entrustment) as of November 1, 2023, which was unanimously approved by both boards. The aim of Nectanet is to promote economic development in the Ortenau region. It is a platform that seeks an exchange between politics and business. Location marketing at foreign trade fairs, approaching investors, networking regional companies worldwide and supporting founders from the initial idea to the finished product are important tasks. For member companies, there is also a central platform to which interested parties can send their applications and from whose “pool” they can then fish. Nectanet is currently in the process of transferring the system to the restaurant and hotel industry.

New name

The former name WRO (Wirtschaftsregion Offenburg/ Ortenau) was understood in the region, but not in the world, Fehringer explained the name change. The switch to Nectanet was important for marketing, and the new name has been adapted to digitalization. There have already been 70 events this year alone. The membership fee amounts to 1.70 euros per inhabitant for municipalities and is staggered according to turnover for companies, explained Fehringer when asked by the Mühlenbach councillors. The network consists of 51 municipalities, the district, chambers, savings banks and cooperative banks and currently 180 medium-sized companies. “The annual growth is three to five companies,” explained the Managing Director. Only the Ramsteinerhof is currently a member from Fischerbach, Fehringer announced in response to a question from Fischerbach local councillor Stefan Heizmann (FWV). The only member from Mühlenbach is the Black Forest Forestry Association, announced Mühlenbach’s mayor Helga Wössner. As the exchange with the local councillors revealed that many of them were not previously aware of the benefits of membership for local companies, Wössner suggested a public information event for the entire region on a larger scale, for example in the Haslach town hall.

An article by the Mittelbadische Presse / Christine Aberle and Maria Benz.