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"Success has two letters: DO."

foundersnet supports all start-ups in the Black Forest Power Region. We have found time and again that founders need reliable access to a potent network. Great synergies are possible to create in a networked working environment. Bringing together large numbers of start-ups in rural areas and networking them with players from science, banks and business is no easy task. That is why we are pursuing an inter-municipal approach with foundersnet at regional level. We offer all founders of the Black Forest Power Region access to the entire network of nectanet. Are you from the region and want to found a start-up? Sign up here for our WhatsApp newsletter to receive future invitations to to our events. Are you looking for the right place for your start-up? We will support you in your search and network you with the start-up and innovation centers in the region. Are you somewhere else in the world and interested in our network? We will be happy to advise you. You just want to drop in on us? Linda Lehmann will be happy to help you with the right contact person.

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foundersnet Nights

The meeting place for entrepreneurs, founders and those who want to become one. Our foundersnights offer the opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Inspiring keynote speakers such as Alexander Djordjevic (, Johannes Kliesch (, Verena Pausder ( and many other well-known faces from the German start-up scene enrich our foundersnights with their contributions. You want to be there too? Get in touch here for our WhatsApp newsletter.


Our meet.up meetings take place monthly. At each event founders can pitch their ideas and present themselves to the regional start-up scene. Cool drinks and a relaxed atmosphere included. Cheers. You want to be there too? Subscribe to our WhatsApp newsletter here.

Workshops & Innovation

Many questions arise during the start-up phase. We support with broad expert knowledge, from speakers from Big Techs and tax experts to seminars with successful e-commerce founders. The foundersnet workshops are compact and practice-oriented. You want to be there too? Sign up for our WhatsApp newsletter here.

Co-working, offices and industrial space

The Black Forest Inovation start-up and innovation center and the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences offer twice a year the possibility to participate in an accelerator. Information on the current topics can be found here.




Questions about the project

Yes. Our entire support line is covered by nectanet. 50 municipalities, 180 companies, chambers, savings banks and credit unions provide
our budget for these services.

foundersnet offers events, workshops and intensive networking surrounding all start-up topics.

You can pitch in front of the press, investors and network partners. We
will be happy to help you with the preparation. In addition, we network you directly
with companies in the region that fit your business model. Furthermore, we will find a suitable production site for prototypes together.

To date, over 500 start-ups have gone through our consulting services and have
successfully founded. We have supported the German Start-Up Association at the Start-Up
Monitor 2021 and are particularly pleased about the above-average
many female founders in our region.

In any case! We would also like to offer interested parties and future founders
to help out. Come along to our foundersnet events or send us your idea for neutral feedback.

The easiest way is by e-mail to Linda Lehmann. It directs internally to the right contact adress.