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Local authorities are facing major challenges when it comes to digitalization. The re-orientation towards digital communication affects almost all specialist areas. Whether street workers, youth welfare offices, tourist offices or city marketing - the employees have to be able to operate digitally. This is where our Digikomm Academy comes in. From basic to expert level, numerous courses provide expert knowledge on social media, the development of ad campaigns, for SEO & SEA, for the creation of project-related landing pages, for content marketing, the use of AI in the communications sector and many other topics. Our network of experts includes trainers from all over Germany. We have been able to record 500 participations in recent years, across all specialist areas and age groups.

Take part now!

Participation is free of charge for all employees of our 50 shareholder municipalities. External participants are also welcome to attend for a fee. You want to be a part of it? Then find out about the current course program at

Your region also needs
a Digikomm Academy?

Why reinvent the wheel? The course program can be purchased under license and designed individually. If you are interested, please contact Linda Lehmann.

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