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Crisis helper

Ukraine aid

gruppenbild kinder in der ukraine mit paketen von nectanet krisenhelfer

Through donations in cash and in kind from our member companies, well over EUR 500,000 were collected for our crisis helper initiative. We have integrated the following into the project structure partner, the Rotary Club Offenburg-Ortenau, which opened the donation account for the and manages them. We also received active support from the regional fire departments during the multiple transportation of relief supplies.

Every euro donated goes to

Thanks to our project structure, we can ensure that every euro donated goes where it belongs – namely as emergency aid to those affected in Ukraine. No funds are taken from the donations for administrative tasks.

Reception of refugees and aid transports

Support was provided in several stages and is still geared towards current requirements. In the first few days after the war began, we were able to take in 70 refugees on the Polish-Ukrainian border in a coach we had organized. There were no refugee corridors to Europe at that time. The refugees were initially accommodated in the youth hostel in Ortenberg Castle. There they were lovingly cared for by our Rotarian helpers for the first few weeks.

Database for finding accommodation

nectanet had developed and made available a database for finding private accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. The database contained hundreds of accommodations registered by private individuals. These were placed with the refugees via the Foreigners’ Registration Office.

Convoys with urgently needed goods

As a result, we have built up a reliable partner network in Ukraine. We have identified urgently needed goods and arranged appropriate transportation. We were and are actively supported by our member companies. Markant provided numerous pallets of food on several occasions, Karl Knauer donated thousands of packages, Edeka and Messe Offenburg provided halls for temporary storage, logistics specialists trucks and the regional fire departments always guided the convoys safely to their destination.

Help for war invalids and orphans

We use the remaining donations for activities that directly serve war-wounded children and orphans.