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Präsentation bei PWO im Rahmen der nectanet zero emission Reihe

nectanet is committed to climate protection

nectanet is committed to climate protection

Oberkirch. The “Nectanet zero emission” event series is all about climate protection for companies. The fourth event has now taken place at the automotive supplier PWO AG in Oberkirch. The company is a member of the Nectanet business network. According to the Nectanet press release, the PWO is a “pioneer of sustainable, environmentally friendly mobility”. Around 100 participants from business, local politics and local authorities accepted the invitation.

Consequences of climate change

The First State Official of the Ortenau district, Nikolas Stroermer, pointed out that the consequences of climate change had long since arrived in Ortenau. “We are already using the savings potential of renewable energies, such as wind power,” Stoermer is quoted as saying in the press release. For example, 44 new wind turbines have already been put into operation, providing the energy required for 54 percent of households in Ortenau. Each wind turbine produces 7.5 megawatts of energy – the total amount of wind power produced amounts to 39 million kilowatt hours. Stoermer went on to say that this was also on the home straight at federal level. Oberkirch’s mayor Gregor Bühler emphasized that 6.5 percent of Oberkirch’s urban area is already available for photovoltaic (PV) systems. The municipal construction company is concerned with the question of how the (district) heat and thus the energy gets into the house. “We are doing what we can, but the local authority’s ability to act is limited. When it comes to the energy transition, we are reliant on approval for transmission routes across private land,” said the mayor.
Intech Managing Director Christoph Vollmer spoke about the successful planning and implementation of agrivoltaic systems, the press release continued. Host and PWO board member Jochen Lischer reported that the company’s innovative solutions for climate-friendly lightweight components are in demand worldwide: “With our reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming and our compliance with EU corporate governance regulations, we are a sought-after partner in the transformation to the green mobility of the future.” Key success factors were the comprehensive electrification of all processes, the consistent use of green electricity, continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the stringent implementation of energy savings, said Lischer.

Wind energy project

Erik Füssgen, Managing Director of Oberkircher Stadtwerke, provided information on the “Hummelsebene wind energy project”. The wind power produced there could supply around 15,000 households in the Oberkirch and Durbach area with energy – with a simultaneous saving of 20,000 tons of CO2.

An article in the Mittelbadische Presse.