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Helping companies save money

Helping companies save money

Ortenau district. Last year, almost 200 companies in the Ortenau district took advantage of free support services for sustainable business practices, according to a statement from the district administration. This included information events and individual production reviews. Now the initiative of the Ortenau district, the economic development agency “Nectanet”, the Ortenau Energy Agency and the South Baden climate partners is being extended, the authority informs. In the coming months, more companies will have the opportunity to discover their individual potential for saving energy and materials.
With the “Nectanet zero Emission” program, the district administration office is responding to the increasing challenges facing the Ortenau economy. Fluctuating energy prices and climate change make it essential for companies to adapt and position themselves for the future,” the press release states. Companies’ efforts are being hampered by increasing reporting and implementation obligations, excessive bureaucracy, changing legislation and a shortage of skilled workers. According to District Administrator Frank Scherer, the aim of “Nectanet zero Emission” is to identify potential savings in the district area, exploit them and ultimately generate more renewable energy than is consumed in the Ortenau district. We have to be courageous, dare to innovate, deal with setbacks, work through them and use them to make improvements in all areas and at all levels,” explains Scherer. The initiative shows our companies how they can save energy and resources and position themselves for the future. Climate protection and economic efficiency need not be a contradiction in terms, but can go hand in hand,” says Scherer.


According to the press release, this is confirmed by reports from operational practice: “At Nectanet zero Emission’s information events, we companies regularly learn about possible solutions to current challenges. Ever since we heard about the practical and free support offered by the Resource Efficiency Competence Center, we have of course been happy to take advantage of it,” says Bernd Schmid, authorized signatory at Eisen-Schmid GmbH & Co KG in Hausach, about the motivation of companies in Ortenau to look into sustainable solutions. The company has already made great strides in the area of digitalization in particular, saving material and energy. “I can only recommend that all companies get started with the transformation. It also works with existing machinery and is definitely worthwhile,” emphasizes Schmid. Linda Schnell, Managing Director of Josef Schnell Holding GmbH, has accepted the free offer of support: “We know that we urgently need to start with sustainable conversions, but apart from the knowledge, we lack the time to plan these multi-million euro projects. Until we find a specialist for this task, we are very grateful for the fast and practical support of KEFF+”.

Background – 18 companies took advantage of free inspection

The Southern Upper Rhine Resource Efficiency Competence Center (KEFF+) is a regional contact point for material and energy efficiency. The offer is aimed at the manufacturing industry and is free of charge for companies thanks to funding from the state and EU as well as co-financing from Klimapartner Südbaden. According to the district administration, 18 Ortenau businesses had their production examined for optimization potential last year.
In addition to the individual check, information events on specific implementation solutions for the energy transition in Ortenau are offered as part of “Nectanet zero Emission”. Last year, a total of 175 participants attended three events in Lahr, Achern and Kehl to discuss renewable energies and resource efficiency and listen to field reports and presentations. The next event is on March 13 in Oberkirch. Practical examples from the region will be presented, such as the Hummelsebene wind energy project and experiences with agrivoltaics. Interested companies can obtain information and register with Linda Lehmann from Nectanet (

An article by the Mittelbadische Presse.